I know tons of beauty blogs out there have already got their January beauty box reviews signed sealed and delivered (I’m yours!), but I’m going to go ahead and do mine.  Cuz you know…I have opinions and stuff too. *nods importantly*

This month’s bag was a disappointment to many subscribers (so I hear) because it lacked Ipsy’s usual makeup.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of a monthly beauty box, the general idea is that you pay a certain amount for your subscription (Ipsy is $10/month) and in return you receive a box full of makeup, hair, skin, etc., samples.  With Ipsy, every month you get a makeup bag filled with various (typically) makeup items.  This month, however, the Ipsy bag was filled with non-makeup items, which had some subscribers a little riled up.

I could never take a picture this nice.

Personally, I was stoked about the change-up.  Ipsy releases teasers on what the items in that month’s bag would be, and when they started coming out for the January bag, I knew I was going to like it.  Here are this month’s items one by one with my reviews of each…

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

First off, I’m a big fan of Josie Maran’s line of makeup.  I’ve used several items and have been impressed with pretty much everything.  The only drawback is that it’s kinda pricey, so I have to pick and choose the products I buy pretty carefully, which means I don’t buy her Argan oil because I get a different brand off of Amazon for wayyyy cheaper. And really, if you’re in the market for Argan oil, I’d recommend going the Amazon route, because, well, as much as I’d like to say otherwise, the Josie Maran stuff is pretty much equal in quality as what I usually get.   Regardless, I’m out of my usual brand right now, so this JM bottle was very welcome.

I use Argan oil primarily as a night time moisturizer.  I put a few drops on my fingers, rub my hands together, and spread on my face and neck, including my lips.  I use a different moisturizer for day time – mostly because I’ve found that I don’t leave myself enough time in the mornings for the oil to absorb all the way, so it doesn’t work well under my makeup.  When I put it on my face at night, I wake up with nice bright, moisturized skin.  I realize it can seem counter-intuitive to put oil on your face if you have oil issues (which I do), but I’ve found in the past year that moisturizing cleansers are what works best for my skin, despite the fact that it can get oily.  I have had adult onset acne since I was 25, and since changing up my skincare routine, it’s nearly as clear now as it was when I was a teenager (backwards I know, but…*shrug*).  Anyhow, I highly recommend this product.  Love it.

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Mini Body Butter

I’ve never used Pacifica brand before and I love lotions and stuff, so this was nice. This is a good sized sample – small enough to go in a purse, but substantial enough that it will last a while.  I love the smell – it can be a little overpowering at first, but after a little bit it fades to a pleasantly sweet smell (at least this is what happens with my body chemistry).  It’s definitely body butter texture, nice and thick, which I love for my dry winter skin, and it absorbs nicely.  I’m not sure that I’d seek this out to buy over other brands I love, but it’s nice and I liked having it in my bag this month.

Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray

To be completely honest, aside from show day updo’s, I’m not much of a hairspray person, so I haven’t used this much yet.  I do use the Sexy line (the Sexy Short Hair spray wax is my faux hawk’s best friend), so I was happy to see it getting some play by Ipsy.  This will going in my show bag for emergency hairspray fixes.

Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer

Like most girls I know, I have quite a collection of mostly full nail polishes.  I’m not much of a nail painter – and I am an anomaly in that I HATE professional manicures! – but I do paint my nails every now and then.  I think I’m probably another anomaly in that I did not own a single red nail polish prior to this, lol.  They were giving two colors of this polish, and I knew I’d be happy with either because they were both colors I didn’t have.  I wound up with Bloody Mary, which is a very pretty red.  I heard reports that the polish chipped very easily (like the day after application) but I haven’t had that experience.  I painted my thumbnail to test out the color when I got the bag a couple weeks ago, and it stayed pretty nice looking all week. This gets a thumbs up from me.

SOHO Makeup Brush

There were three different kinds of brushes being sent out – a concealer brush, a crease brush or an eyeliner brush.  I got the eyeliner brush and I couldn’t be happier with it.  It has a nice finger indent, so it doesn’t slip around when I’m using it even if I’ve just lotioned my hands, and I’m finding that it doubles quite well as an eyebrow brush.  I’m finding that it works very nicely using shadow as liner – it gives a very nice defined line and it’s easy to work with.

I believe that everything that came in this bag will end up being very useful to me, either now or in the near future, so, like I said, totally stoked on it.

Can I start being impatient for next month’s bag yet?


Can has?



Worst. Blogger. Ever. Yep, that’s me. *sigh*

Stop judging meeeee!!!

Some things will never change, and apparently my occasional interest in keeping this up to date is one of them. However, it’s a new year, so this old thing is getting a revamp. Plus…my life is just…really different from when I started this as an art blog. I’m not really even doing my own art all that much anymore, so while I’m happy to have this (somewhat lame) record of my past shows and exploits, this isn’t really useful anymore. Anyway, I only managed to make 9 posts since I started this like…2 years ago? 3? That is…really sad. BUT! I have hope for myself, lol. Read on!

In theme with my very limited blogging commitment skills (and in tribute to my favorite movie, Empire Records), I’ve renamed this blog “Not Entirely Perfect.” I’m hoping you fellow ER fans will get this without my explaining it, and that the rest of you will be able to just take it as my way of saying “I kind of suck at this, but I’m going to try anyway.” And also, life isn’t perfect, I’m not perfect, never gonna be, but I do the best I can and sometimes it’s pretty damn good. Good enough for me to be happy with who I am and what I do at least, and hey, that’s what I think matters.

“Well that’s good, because I have to tell Corey I love her by 1:37.” Am I the only one who still lives in 1995?

I’m planning on using this as a place to talk about things I’m interested in. I’ve been getting a couple of different makeup sample boxes so expect some makeup reviews. I like to read (and re-read) a lot so maybe some talk about books. I watch a lot of movies, so the occasional movie talk wouldn’t be out of the question. If you’ve been around me at all in the past year, you’ll know that I’m a burlesque dancer now with the fabulous girls of the Sizzling Sirens Burlesque Experience. It’s a huge part of my life, so definitely expect to hear about that.  Expect some random thought posts here and there…and yes, I still do some art, so I will talk about that as well. 🙂

Like I said, I’m not all that great at keeping up with this stuff, but hopefully since I’m not limiting myself to one subject I’ll find more frequent occasions to share my thoughts and stuff.  And if not…well, at least I posted once this year, right?  Haaaaaa…

When in doubt, post animal pictures.  *nods*

An Update

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

So…continuing on my quest to be the world’s worst blogger, I just thought I’d let you all know I’m still alive and painting over here, lol. Right now I’m working on a snowboard (the first one I’ve done in quite a while) and I’m pretty excited about it. I only actually have 2 snowboards left, so I’m happy to be adding back into that category of art! I’ve been on a big 90’s music kick lately, so I’m thinking this board will be in that vein as well…we’ll see what happens with it.

Anyway, I know this is a short, tiny little update, but I will be posting pics of the new board when it is done – hopefully soon!

Hearts, hugs and all that jazz. ❤

Musical Manifestations

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Have you ever listened to a song with your eyes closed and actually paid attention to what the music makes you see?  One of my favorite exercises in the only high school art class i took was when the instructor put on some music and told us to let it guide us.  I still like to do that sometimes – but now I tend to use paint instead of pencil.  Sometimes when I hear songs I see images, but most often it’s color.  Sublime is yellow and orange.  Paramore is red, orange, blue and purple.  Social Distortion is dark red, black, vibrant blue.  Hem is soft yellows and earthy greens.  Gin Blossoms are green, blue and yellow.  So on and so forth.

When I DO see images in songs I have a hard time not sketching them.  Sometimes they are strong enough that I can’t ignore what my mind wants to see in real life…that’s how the Social D snowboards were born.  I recently acquired some old cupboard doors – 5 of them to be exact.  I held on to them for some time…not quite sure what I wanted to do with them.  I knew I wanted to turn them into a series of some sort, but I just wasn’t sure what the theme should be.  At some point I decided it had been long enough since I had done any music based pieces, and so these became the Music Boards.  I’ve finished with 4 of them, and those are hanging at my buddy Jim’s Mr. Pickles shop in Midtown (the MARRS building on 20th Street).  Here are a few for all of you who can’t visit my art in Sacramento…

The Music Boards #2 - Deeply Grounded

The Music Boards #4: The Beginning

My sculpting skillzzzzz. Spackle is my friend.

The Music Boards #3: Not As Much Fun. A view into my world...this was taken before the piece was finished. Never mind the messy work station, look at the art!!

I’m starting the final piece now, but I’ve decided to blog post my progress as I go…sort of show you guys how I do things.  I’m hoping to get that started within the next few days…cross your fingers that I can fit some art into my busy schedule.

In other news, Jack Rabbit Special now has music up on our Facebook page!  Be our friend and give it a listen – feedback is ALWAYS welcome!  Still working on getting our songs available for download – seemingly that is trickier than we thought.  We have our first pseudo gig lined up (a friend of the band invited us to play at his wedding reception)…next stop Arco arena.  Watch out!!

Welp, it’s February.

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

And I haven’t posted a blog since November.  Gah.  I suck big fat gangrene infested toes, I know.

In art news, my work has been hanging at the new Mr. Pickles shop at the MARRS building on 20th street for about a month now.  It will continue to hang there through February.  There are a couple of new pieces up there – if you’re in the area, swing by to check ’em out!  For the rest of you, I unfortunately haven’t taken pictures of the new stuff  yet so I can’t post it here.  Sorry!  In lieu of that, I figure I will update you all on what has been happening with me outside of the art-making business.  Let’s see now…

I have been doing a bit of modeling, mostly for my friend Andrew Crabtree.  He’s been doing a set of pictures based on the DVD covers for the TV series Chuck.  I also did some pictures for him back in September, which you can see here.  Andy’s a great guy, and he’s always looking for new models.  If you want to take some pictures with him, feel free to contact him via his webpage.  Andy is also working on a silhouette series – this is my contribution to that one:

Those are a pair of my mother's cutoff shorts from the 70's. True vintage, ha!

I also did a job a few weeks ago for George Streng.  He was doing a fabulous series on subjects with tattoos, now showing at the Blue Wing Art Gallery in Woodland, Ca.  You can see some photos from his series here.

What else, what else…oh yes, the bands!

Sound Kitchen (my cover band) has been doing very well, and, in fact, had an excellent show at Folsom Hotel a couple weeks ago.   Our next show coming up will be at Heavenly Ski Resort on February 27th.  We’ve played up at Heavenly before and it’s always a screamin good time.  Next show in the area will be back at Folsom Hotel on March 5.  I’m hoping for another good crowd – if you’re in the area, come on out for the party!

My originals band, Jack Rabbit Special, is in the process of recording demos.  I’ve been sick and/or out of town the past two weeks, so my cohorts have been spending my time away laying down their instrumental tracks.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do vocals over the next few weeks…next step website and marketing, here we come!  My entire experience with the Jack Rabbit guys has been very positive – I joined them back in May or June of last year, and since then we’ve been able to write an album’s worth of songs.  I’m very much loving the experience of writing and practicing…I fully expect to enjoy performing live with these guys just as much.  We shall have to wait and see what the future holds there.

In other news, my friend Shannon’s Sweet Valley High and Gilmore Girls blogs have both been receiving quite a bit of attention lately.  Check them out for yourself!  She’s an excellent purveyor of snark, that one!  Oh, I’m so proud of her!!

Okay, that’s it for the moment.  I will be a good girl and take some pictures of my new art very soon, I promise!  Love and hugs for all!!

It’s November…

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

…and I’m falling behind on here again.

My neighbor spent most of yesterday hanging Christmas lights on their house and front lawn.  The result is that I now have a nice light show coming in through my front window at night.  I love the lights, but what I don’t get is how the urge to decorate for Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year!  We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet people!!  Sigh.

The flip side to this is that it has me thinking now about the holidays and what I might be able to do before then…which leads me to this:  commissioned work!  As of right now, my art slate is fairly clear, and so I’m putting myself out there for commissioned pieces!  Christmas cards, Chanukkah cards, portraits and abstract pieces as gifts, custom painted picture frames or furniture…if you have it and want it painted, I’ll most likely do it, lol.  Additionally, snowboarding season is coming up.  Let me know if you want the coolest, most original board on the mountain – I’ll custom paint your board for you.  Let’s talk ideas, people, think out of the box and I’ll see what I can do for you!  Contact me asap so I can get your piece done before the holidays are REALLY here.

Oh, and happy early holiday decorating, for those of you who are into that.  Cheers!

Music, art and tattoos

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

So if you know me, you know that I love music – I sing in two bands – and I have sort of a love affair with Social Distortion going on…and that part of that is my love of tattoo art.  Lately most of my art has revolved around these two things – tattoo style and Social Distortion.  The latest thing born of these …uh…obsessions…has been a series of snowboards called – obviously enough – The Social D boards.  Two of these boards (#’s 2 and 3) have been sold, and the other two are currently on display at Side Show Studios.

Social D #1 - Gardenias - inspired by the song "Footprints On My Ceiling"

Social D #1 - Gardenias - inspired by the song "Footprints On My Ceiling"

Social D #2 - Romance - inspired by "Don't Take Me For Granted"

Social D #2 - Romance - inspired by "Don't Take Me For Granted"

Social D #3 - Society's Blood - inspired by "I Was Wrong"

Social D #3 - Society's Blood - inspired by "I Was Wrong"

Social D #4 - Palm Trees - inspired by "Hwy 101"

Social D #4 - Palm Trees - inspired by "Hwy 101"

All four are very different, but, I feel, share commonalities both in media and style.  Of course the content is all Social D related, but different subject matter, I suppose.  For these pieces, I took old snowboards and first covered them with newspaper clippings…some carefully chosen as with #3, and some chosen at random, as with #1.  I used tinted matte medium to decoupage the boards with paper and then painted over them with lyrics that struck me and images I felt jibed with the words.  These boards are the most fun I’ve had painting in a very long time…the last one especially was a lot of fun for me.  Beach images always perk me up, and attempting to stylize the water in #4 was at once challenging and satisfying.  It’s one of my favorite pieces. 🙂

I also dearly love classic flash tattoo styles.  I combined that with some of my own songwriting to get this lovely piece:

His Eyes Are Mine

His Eyes Are Mine

This one (also currently on display at Side Show Studios) was done on canvas, but with the same newspaper decoupage style I used for the boards.  It’s also 3-D like “Broken Hearted” is…I’m not sure if you can tell from this picture, but the heart and the banner are all sculpted up using molding paste and spackle.  The words are from a song I wrote for my dad called “Lullaby”…”his eyes are mine” because we have the same exact color eyes…although I suppose “his eyes are mine” can really mean anything you want – that’s just what it means to me.

I really try to use my art – both singing/songwriting and what you see here – to both express how I’m feeling at the moment and try to create something the world might find aesthetically pleasing.  I’m not one to apply abstract meanings to art – mine or anyone else’s…and although I don’t necessarily discourage that, I feel like maybe that is why I feel drawn to placing text in my art.  It is what it is…*shrug*  Hope you enjoy!